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The schools strand of the Sheffield – Let’s Change4Life Programme aims to support all schools across the city to build on their Healthy Schools Status by providing opportunities for pupils to take part in healthy cookery clubs and food growing activities. The programme is also working with schools to improve schools meals, implement healthy lunch box polices and offer more active lunch times and after school clubs.

Activity includes innovative approaches to encouraging healthier lifestyles: physical activity, cooking, food growing, stay on site activities, school meals and offering free fruit to year 7 pupils.

All schools have been invited to be involved and, although activity is aimed at children and young people, it will also benefit school staff, families and the local community.

Key to the success of these activities is the whole school approach, commitment from Head Teachers and the Governing Body and support from external agencies. Many schools are drawing in support from a number of organisations and professionals across the city, why not have a think about how you can support?

For more information about the Healthy Schools Programme and the Teams contact details visit: www.sheffieldhealthysettings.org.uk