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The Sheffield Breastfeeding Friendly Award recognises public places and workplaces which offer a good level of facilities and support for breastfeeding mothers and their families. Find out about the Award and the list of Breastfeeding Award Venues.

We are encouraging more women in the city to take up breastfeeding, and continue breastfeeding for longer. We also aim to make Sheffield a more ‘breastfeeding friendly city’. We have invested £0.5million in a new breastfeeding peer support service which is now being delivered from each of the 31 Childrens Centres where local women are supporting other local women to breastfeed.

In 2010 we will launch a Breastfeeding Friendly Public Place and Workplace Award Scheme to help achieve our breastfeeding friendly city objective.


  1. Not sure if this is the correct website to leave the feedback for breastfeeding awarness day in Winter Garden in Sheffield but I wanted to share my experience of attending it today 21/06/2011. I found it hard to socialise with any mums, not sure why, as I am friendly person but maybe of my foreign accent but it made me think about integration into this country. I work and contribute here just like any other citizien but it was strange day that all mums who were British would just ignore you even though I made my attempt to talk.
    Anyway hope this will change in the future as we are all the same and my son is just like their children.



  2. Ive breastfed my two boys in numerous locations throughout Sheffield I thought it would be worth telling you that the only place I felt very uncomfortable doing this was at my GPs (which was Porter Brook medical centre).

  3. Hi,
    Ive long since lost the worry about feeding in public, with one exception Meadowhall. At one end, one woman was so affronted by me feeding my boy (newborn, hes not 4 or anything) that she got up, and stood 10m away glaring at me, then sat back down next to me when Id finished. At the other end of Meadowhall a man wanted to sit really close and watch (ew) which made me very uncomfortable. Anecdotally Ive heard the Childrens Hospital isnt a particularly welcoming place to feed either, but have no experience of that.